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Revolutionary Walls?

It takes months of time and investment to build the structure of bricks and wood that we call “home”. Because a home is one of our most prized and precious possessions, we want it to be perfect. We want to focus on every detail of the interior design of our personal space. This can be very time consuming when it comes to how we are going to furnish and decorate—do we go for the plain and safe option? Or do we let our homes be an extension of our personality?

From the wall art in the corner of your lounge to the vase on the table in your dining room, you want it to be perfect. Even the smallest detail can have a huge impact on how your home makes you feel. Choosing a wallpaper or piece of art that you end up not liking or simply get bored of can be costly and difficult to rectify. Not with Switch Decor.

  • Switchable Wallpapers

This sounds unreal, right? But thanks to Switch Decor, you can now enjoy new wallpapers every time you get bored of the old one. How? We have a huge variety of interchangeable wallpapers which can easily be put up, taken down and stored for next time. Instead of having to deal with multiple sheets and messy paste our wallpaper comes in fewer pieces with a state of the art adhesive to allow for quick and easy installation and removal. We have a huge collection of wallpapers to experiment with, so you can pick a theme for every room, or even up your festivity by having a wallpaper just for the holidays!

  • Wall Art

Switch Decor doesn't only do wallpaper, but also has a huge selection of wall art from unique panels to hanging features, all completely interchangeable!

  • For Your Kids

Many of us get excited at the prospect of decorating a nursery, but what happens when the child in that nursery doesn't want the pastel coloured clouds anymore? Switch Decor has you covered. We have hundreds of child friendly designs so your child’s room can grow up as quickly as they do.


  • The Final Verdict

Switch Decor revolutionises the way you decorate your home. Gone are the days of umm-ing and ahh-ing about what statement you are trying to make with your accent wall. At Switch Decor we understand that you should be able to change your mind easily. Our products allow you the freedom to experiment with new decor in your home without the hassle of painters or paste. Our wallpapers and wall art can be installed and switched out in minutes and all orders are cut to measure so they fit your wall perfectly. So whether you are indecisive, a commitment-phobe, or just view your home as your own personal canvas, Switch Decor is the one for you. Sign up at our website and get exclusive deals and information about our launch.


Switch Decor : Change your wallpaper as often as you change your mind.

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